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He checked his watch and it was after nine. He hadn't walked far when beams from headlights appeared out of the mist coming down the road. He stepped into the road and heard the screech of brakes and a voice yell out. "Are you OK? Good thing I had the brakes checked or I could have hit you." It was a strong masculine voice and in the bright lights Brad just stood there, the beams illuminating him. " My car broke down a little way back and I was going for help. Can you give me a lift." "Sure hop in," the voice said and Brad detected the Southern accent.

He got into the big truck and felt the leather seat creak from the weight of his body as he leaned back and exhaled a sigh of relief. "I don't know how to thank you," he said. "It's been a shitty day and you have been the only bright spot coming along like you did."

He was a big man with a large belly and a gray beard and strong arms that were use to work. His thighs looked enormous as he braked for a turn in the road. He could have been around fifty. He looked at Brad and his eyes were soft and in the dim light appeared green. "Son, there's a gas station on this road about thirty miles from here and they're closed at this hour. Not much happening around these parts at night" "Shit," Brad muttered. "But not to worry. You can stay with me for the night. My friend, another trucker is... Read More NOW inside the Truckstop...

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